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Thursday, November 1, 2007


I remember everything.

I was raised to assume that Johnny Cash would survive us all. I guess if he is gone, any of us can go.

It's too locked up, one thing on another. Pop died. Nanny is well, but she'll go one day, following her parents, the ones who helped to raise me, and her two husbands to the heaven she plans. I'll be there to carry the casket. She'll be buried between her two husbands.

I've got a plot nearby, but I pray I'm not buried there.

The people who grow old to die are lucky. I want to die old, to remember my friends who died young.

This was Johnny Cash's last video. It was taped in his museum, just after it was ruined by floods, washing away his memory. June looked on, knowing he was near death.

He survived June.

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Jefferson said...

I keep coming back to Johnny Cash as I blog. There may be two reasons.

I want to tell the truth.

I believe in redemption and love.