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Monday, November 12, 2007

By The Time I Get To Phoenix

Glen Campbell

I came out to my parents inadvertently at the age of five.

My Dad was driving and this song came on the radio. "Hey, that's Glen Campbell," I shouted from the back seat. I climbed forward and leaned over the front seat. "Turn it up, Dad, turn it up!"

Dad chuckled and turned the radio knob. "You really like Glen Campbell, don't you T.J.?"

"Yes sir!" I grinned. "He's so pretty."

Dad laughed. "Is he your boyfriend?"

I looked at the freckles on the back of my father's neck. "Can he be?" I asked.

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Eden said...

Can I put in a request? I never do stuff like this, but Franky makes me feel like a lady, and I get turned on something fierce when I feel like a lady. It's the kind of witchcraft I just love!