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Saturday, November 3, 2007


Arcade Fire

This year at Glastonbury, I was standing in the front row at this particular stage watching (and loving) Rufus Wainwright play. When Rufus ended, someone behind us said Arcade Fire was on next in about half an hour, so we just stayed there in the front row until they came on. Didn't move. Just to keep the amazing spot we had somehow secured. We couldn't leave that spot for anything, not to piss or anything. (Where are the watersport lovers when you need them? Glastonbury is not really the place you get boys inviting you to piss in their mouth—not in my experience at least). We had a good spot, and nothing else mattered. So when you see the sweeping shots of the massive crowd in this video just take a second to remember that I, Molly, am in the front fucking row, baby, and as if that is not good enough, I am stage right so that hot chick in the red dress on the organ is right in front of me!!

There is nothing quite like the feeling of being one of the hundreds of thousands of people at Glastonbury Festival watching an amazing band playing while the sun goes down and the sky goes pink and purple and flags are flapping in the breeze and everyone is just so full of love for each other and good times, and you connect with strangers all around you (no, it's not a Dark Odyssey style of connection, but still amazing). THIS was one of those Glastonbury moments. What a gig, we were in heaven.

I think it’s true. My love of amazing live gigs is equal to my love of great sex.


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