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Saturday, November 3, 2007

And I Was A Boy From School

Hot Chip

Okay, well, this isn’t my favorite Hot Chip song really at all. The Guest DJ guidelines for the Smut Turntable say that the song or the story should somehow relate to sex and sexuality. My favorite Hot Chip song to pick is "Over and Over" and, yes!, "Over and Over" is a good answer to the question "how many times did Molly cum when you fucked her?,” but "Over and Over" just didn’t have so many kinky props in the video. This video is full of kinky props that took me right back to sex camp.

I like the idea of the music video director pitching to the band, "So the idea is that you just lay down still on the ground wearing a body stocking . . . and we build a scene around you . . . lay down, shut up, don’t move and please just trust us, yep, we've got all the props . . . we've got plastic wrap, silk wraps, feathers, chocolate button nipples, body paint, angel wings, inflatables, piles of jelly to throw around, flames, togas, big bananas . . . now GET on the floor.”

Is it just me? Or is that starting to sound a bit like Dark Odyssey to you?



Meg said...

oh, hot chip! i saw them live at this crazy hipster dance party in philly and after recovering (in an alley outside the club, ugh) from the absolute horror that is sparks (it was free, as part of a very limited open bar), i went back inside just in time to see them perform and they were so much fun.

"over and over" is awesome. definitely my favorite, too!

Viviane said...

Oh, do let's reenact this at camp!