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Saturday, November 3, 2007



As I put these songs together, I realised there was no real theme to the songs (the Smut Turntable Guest DJ instructions said that a theme was "optional," so I am still obeying the rules) but I did realise that there seemed to be an ALARMING number of pairs of white flares and white shoes or boots in the videos I selected.

But then again, White (Fuck-Me) Shoes—what other footwear would fit the bill at the Smut Turntable? This song is regularly played at the gay club in London called Duckie where the genius trannie DJs Reader's Wifes play every Saturday. Duckie is at the Vauxhall Tavern. If you're ever in London on a Saturday night, please come dance and sing with us!!


1 comment:

Jefferson said...

They had me at "girl band."

But the sculpted hair, the white flares, the shoes . . . and then, the sentiment of the song. In these lyrics, I'd be content as "Sam," "her" or "I." Whenever you want me.

Why have I never heard this song? It was a hit in the UK. It was brought over, but fizzled. Gloria Gaynor picked it up, but DJs preferred the B side, "I Will Survive."

I guess, maybe, that's a better gay anthem. But fuck me, it's a substitute . . whenever you need me . . . don't you know . . .