Music and smut from Jefferson, providing a soundtrack to One Life, Take Two.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

We've Only Just Begun

The Carpenters

Flowers and a drum kit for a melancholy Anna Smash.

Take a salad and iced tea and call me in the morning.


Anna Smash said...

Just to remind everyone: I take my iced tea with lemon and NO sugar.

Also, wow, psychadelic!

Jefferson said...

I keep the Smut Turntable up as I'm working and often return to a song I want to hear. I'm playing this one a lot.

Now, I know it's popular to play armchair analyst about the relationship between Richard and Karen, especially after Todd Haynes broke ground on arty trash gossip with Barbie dolls on Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story,. (Watch it online.) It's too easy to be a Richard hater; on music, I'd like to put him in the same room as Brian Wilson and listen.

But look at two glances. At the beginning, just before she sings, Karen look over her shoulder at Richard. He does not look back. Really, he ignores her. She nods. She understands she is alone. He has told her to be professional.

She sings, confident, alone. She moves ahead as the background singers, including her brilliant brother, add layers.

After the song, there is applause. She tucks away her drumsticks and winces, waiting it out.

I think I know that look.

I want to appreciate Karen and Richard through the music, not the cheap shots. But gosh, that stuff against the music is tough as nails.

And hello, Brian Wilson.