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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sex and Violence

The Exploited

In November of my senior year of high school, I saw The Exploited live at a club downtown. I took with me some little punk from the Colony I picked up that summer at the Warped Tour. That was my first mistake, because the Warped Tour is NOT punk. My second mistake is that the guy was a year younger than me (eww), and my third and fourth mistakes were agreeing to ferry him and his friend to and from the concert.

I don't expect you to know Dallas geography, but he lived in the Colony and his friend lived in Irving, each of which is a) not even in Dallas proper and b) WAY the fuck far away from downtown AND each other. But what can I say, I didn't exactly have many prospects for action during my senior year of high school.

When I get to his house to pick up him and his friend, he isn't even ready yet. He's doing his hair up in meticulous glue-held liberty spikes. My poseur alarm bells go way off. On the way there, we're getting psyched up, and it comes to light that they hadn't actually heard any Exploited songs. (Well, I'd only heard this one, but I didn't tell them that.) So I play them "Sex and Violence" on the car ride over. We arrive at the club and promptly elbow our way right to the front. Like, I was at the edge of the stage.

Unfortunately, so was my date. He stayed behind me throughout the entire concert, hanging off me like a lamprey, trying to make out with cold fish lips and totally embarrassing me by continually shouting "SEX AND VIIIIIIIIIOLENNNCE!!!!!!!!!!!" And then, to add insult to injury, I wasted a half-tank of gas driving two sweaty poseurs back to their respective ‘burbs.

It was the first and definitely not the last time I swore off younger men.


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