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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Step Into My Office, Baby

belle and sebastian

the first day i walked into my freshman dorm room back in my undergrad days, i found one small corner left untouched for me to do with as i pleased. the remaining space was already completely claimed and decorated and the beds? totally bunked. a few weeks earlier, during my first "hey, let's get to know each other" phone conversation with my new roommate, i'd told her the only thing i really didn't want was bunk beds. but when said new roomie is a member of the marching band and all band members are required to report two weeks early for band camp, you're pretty much screwed.

had i known better, i would have also said, "and i don't like being stared at constantly by pictures of freaky, sad clowns all over the walls or a giant cardboard cutout of mr. bean peeking into our window."

we ended the year not speaking to each other, but she also introduced me to belle & sebastian, so i guess i can't be too angry with her.


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