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Sunday, March 9, 2008


the velvet underground

i grew up in a small town where 99.9999 percent of the population was white, christian and conservative. we had less than seven hundred people in my entire high school and there was nothing to do in town. ever. when aidan got his first car, we celebrated our newfound freedom by spending endless hours driving around south jersey, drinking giant bottles of iced tea from wawa (aidan was straight edge and i had no interest in alcohol) and listening to our favorite bands. he introduced me to ska, punk and hardcore. he played me less than jake, catch 22, operation ivy, the bouncing souls, kid dynamite, rainer maria, the dead kennedys and too many others to name. we played weezer's blue album on repeat (you know, back before they put out that horrible green album and began their downfall). he sang rivers' parts and i filled in all the harmonies. and we played his copy of "the best of the velvet underground: words and music of lou reed" so many times, we wore it out and had to buy another copy.

my favorite was (and still is) "sweet jane", but for lack of a decent video, i am sharing aidan's favorite.


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