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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


melissa ferrick

hands down one of the sexiest songs you will ever hear in your life.

i bought this album way back in two thousand. and, people—that was high school for me. spring of my senior year of high school. so, i bring this album home and already owning two of her previous albums, i know she's good. no, wait—i know she's fucking awesome. so, yeah—i get this album and i take it home and i start playing it from the beginning and it's fantastic. it's bigger than her previous albums, not quite as sparse and her voice is perfect and the harmonies are just awesome.

and then i get to track eleven. and i hear that beat. and then that simple little guitar line. and the crackly speaker sound to it all. but wait, it gets better. because then her voice comes in.

"if you want this."

oh, melissa, you know i want it. you know i'll ask you nicely.


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