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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Jane Says

jane's addiction

in second grade, i was new at my school and quickly became friends with a girl named ramona. we bonded over being raised by hippie feminist mothers and i was in constant awe of her creativity, artistic talents and "i don't give a fuck what you think" attitude. at our 8th grade dance, she gave the dj a cassette tape on which she'd recorded "the time warp" from rocky horror picture show and together, we took over the dance floor and showed all our classmates how to do the dance. after my 15th birthday party, i went home with her and she bought me lobster tails and brownie mix. after we made and ate both, she took me into the woods, poked some holes into an old soda can and got me high for the first time. another random day in middle school, she decided to wallpaper her room in tinfoil for a school project. we took before and after pictures and played jane's addiction while we covered every exposed bit of wall and ceiling in multiple rolls of foil, having to stop at one point and go to the grocery store for more.

these days, she does nude/fesith modeling and lives in a part of brooklyn that made me fear for my life the one time i was there, about a year ago. after leaving me on her stoop, with my smaller valuables tucked into my bra while she climbed a fence to break into her apartment when her key wouldn't work, we smoked hash she'd gotten from some monk she met in the woods on a retreat (or something like that) and shared her tiny thin mattress while two of her roommates slept in the back room and a third slept on the kitchen floor.


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