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Monday, October 29, 2007

You Light Up My Life

Patti Smith

Thanks for dropping the needle this weekend, Madeline. I'll send you back to your mirror humming this ballad from the junior high dance, as interpreted by the female Mick Jagger. Join her as she takes back rock and roll. For the people.


Madeline Glass said...

Oh, THAT was brilliant.

Man, that woman's mouth can form vowels like a motherfuck.

Speaking of mouths and motherfucking, did I tell you about my new acquisition? A portable record player in my bedroom with "Horses" at the ready.

All within arm's reach. you know how to pony?

Douglass said...

OMG -- is that Robby Benson? (No comments about my age! if I'm right)

douglass said...

Whew! I just IMDB'd the show, and it's not Robbie Benson. Thank goodness, I'm not that old.