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Saturday, October 27, 2007

St Elmo's Fire Love Theme

David Foster

I used to watch this movie and wonder if I was a lesbian. Because these were "the hottest guys in Hollywood" and they all made me slightly queasy. Rob Lowe? Seriously not my type. Emilio Estevez? Dude, your dad's hot, but you should've stopped with The Breakfast Club. Andrew McCarthy? Please. Thiiis close to falling over myself to get to Judd Nelson, but his nostrils kept getting in the way. However, Ally Sheedy in the shower with the pearls, Demi Moore in any damn scene, and even Mare Winningham getting it on with Rob made me hot. Also, I stayed up late nights practicing smoking so that my voice would sound like Jules' someday. "Whatcha got on underneath that skirt?"


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