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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Regina Spektor

Love is the Hammerstein Ballroom filled with people singing as best they can with Regina Spektor at her piano.

Love is also backstage with Regina among her extended family and admiring young musicians.

I felt the love watching Regina sweetly fawning over her younger brother as she held her grandmother's hand.

"You see those kids over there?" A music executive nodded at a table of skinny hipsters holding cups of beer. "We did an industry show for them tonight at Arlene's Grocery. They came on and announced it would be short because they needed to see Regina play tonight. They played until the last minute and packed up their van in fifteen minutes. Fastest load out I ever saw."

There is an alternative (and rather lovely) video for this song which you may like better, if any (tchk, tchk) thing at all.


nyctaper said...

It was a special night! Regina seemed pretty overwhelmed with having sold out such a huge venue.
I recorded the show and have posted it on my blog:

Jefferson said...

Thanks so kindly for sharing the love, nyctaper.