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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Punk Rock Girl

Dead Milkmen

It's a sweet song about young love, replete with cigarette butts ground into pizza and the occasional carjacking. God, I wanted a mousy baby boy to take a shining to me and try to impress me by jumping onto tables and shouting "Anarchy!" Punk Rock Girl was my favorite song for like, three years. Also, it started off my teeny obsession with Minnie Pearl.



Wendy said...

Excellent choice, DJ Madaline.

Dude! This was one of my favourite songs in early highschool!

I <3 the dead milkmen.

Madeline Glass said...

Dude, seriously.

If I ever have a baby girl, it'll be a hardworking man'll get me to name her something other than Minnie. Or Pearl.