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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

True Faith

New Order

No matter where we were at Tracks, within two beats of the opening moments of this song, Bridget would find me on the dance floor and we would slap each another silly.

"I can't tell you where we're going," I'd say, shaking my shoulder-length hair in her face.

She would bounce away, toss her pink streaks and reply, "I guess there's just no way of knowing."


leila said...

My favorite New Order song. Hands down.

When they took the stage at Coachella, we immediately stood up from the dusty ground, screaming and clapping. There were these kids in front of us who stayed seated. "Who is this?" One of them asked in a bored whine. "I dunno," the other shrugged. I wanted to pull them up by the nape of their necks and yell, "This is New Order! Show some respect!"

leila said...

i'm seeing a 1984 night at The Pyramid in our future.