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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Die. Mommie, Die!

Charles Busch


Angela said...

Might be good live too.

Jefferson said...

It's so great live, Angela. And good prices abound. Go see it. Better yet, take me to see it again.

Angela said...

You delightfully silly man. Don't you think I didn't hear your gasp of ecstasy when I entered in my mourning costume. Sweet well endowed man, you are welcome to come see me anytime. While I know you have quite the reputation to uphold shame on you fantastic man for insinuating that scrumptious little brunette with the delicious bangs paid your way in. Shame on you. You should be paying her for her time.

(DIE MOMMIE DIE! onsale till January 12, 2008. )