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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Take Off Your Clothes


Come on baby, you're fixated,
(Uh huh . . . )
I think I'd like it if we waited
(Uh uh . . .)
Get a little more acquainted
(Alright . . . )
It's better when anticipated
(No it's not, just take off your clothes!)

I didn't know about Morningwood until Meg wised me up. Why was I in the dark? Don't leave me hanging, people!

This video is built around clips submitted by fans. So all those people getting naked? They are real people.


Meg said...

would you please stop stealing my thunder? pretty soon, i'll have nothing left to work with, you thunder-stealing person.

i mean, come ON.

Tilda said...

I love real people.

I also love the "boy brief" underpants.

I love the word "underpants".

I'm going to be late for work.

I hate work.

Michelle said...

Seriously? Since when do you know stuff about music?

I mean, seriously.

Jefferson said...

How about "since before you were born," Michelle?